5 Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

Your dog may be part of the family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you take them everywhere you go. Going on vacation with a pet can be tricky depending on where you’re going, how you’re getting there, where you’re staying, and what you’re doing while there. It can be easier for you and your dog if they stay home.

Even if you’re not leaving town but are having family over, hosting a party, or going out on a night when there are supposed to be fireworks, boarding your dog can give you greater peace of mind. In the hustle and bustle of everything going on, you won’t have to worry about where your pet is and what they’re doing. Boarding your dog overnight or for a few days can have its benefits.

1. Safety

At a boarding facility, you know your pet is safe and being monitored by trained staff. You don’t have to worry about them chewing on your favorite shoes, digging through the trash, eating something they shouldn’t, or slipping out the door. Dogs can be quick and get into trouble before you know it, especially if they’re left home alone by themselves and get bored.

Even if you have someone stopping by to check in on your dog, your pet could get into trouble between the times that person is there. Or, your dog sitter could be running late or have an emergency pop up. At a boarding facility, you know your dog will be well cared for and have their needs met throughout the day.

2. Socialization

Dogs are social animals who like to be around people and other pets. Being home by themselves in a quiet house can get lonely, which can lead to boredom, which can turn into them getting into trouble. At Lake Wylie Pet Resort, your dog will have the opportunity to be around other dogs, run and play, and enjoy human interaction. A change of scenery can also be a welcome experience for your dog like a mini vacation of their own.

3. Physical activity

Left to their own devices, your dog may just lay around sleeping all day. This can be especially true if they’re feeling lonely. If they’re boarded, they will have free time each day to run around either indoors or outdoors, stretch their legs, and burn off some energy. You may be able to request daily walks as well. This will help to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated.

4. Grooming

Many facilities offer grooming services in addition to boarding. You don’t have to schedule a separate appointment and make a second trip to get your dog bathed and groomed because it can be done while they are there. When you come to pick your dog up, they’ll be looking, feeling, and smelling their best, and you’ll be taking a clean dog home.

5. Peace of Mind

Boarding your dog can also give you greater peace of mind. You know exactly where they are, and you can call the facility to check in on them if necessary. You’re not left wondering whether you closed that bedroom door, what they might be getting into at home, or whether your dog sitter showed up. If anything should happen, the staff at the boarding facility knows how to handle any emergencies and get your pet the care they need.

Know that your dog is in good hands while you’re away by scheduling their stay at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Contact us today to reserve their spot!

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