One of our goals at Lake Wylie Pet Resort is to make sure all of our guests are kept safe and well. As such, we require that dogs who are boarded with us all have the necessary vaccinations and immunizations; when you bring them in for boarding, please bring the most recent veterinarian records you have, confirming the following vaccinations:

  • DPP (either a one- or three-year vaccination)
  • Bordetella (required annually, and often administered only if you expressly request it of your veterinarian)
  • Rabies (either a one- or three-year vaccination)
  • Canine Influenza (not required by Lake Wylie Pet Resort, but something we recommend asking your veterinarian about)

In addition, we require that all of our guests be flea and tick-free; feel free to ask us for recommendations about the best treatments!  If your pet is not flea and tick-free when being boarded, the pet will be treated and you will be billed for the expense.

A final note: While we do not require guests to be spayed/neutered, we do highly recommend it, and charge additional fees for pets not spayed or neutered.

All LWPR guests must fill out the LWPR Client Agreement prior to any boarding, etc.

To learn more about our policies or about the measures we take to keep all of our guests safe, please contact the Lake Wylie Pet Resort team today!