Luxury Boarding for Dogs

Our luxury boarding for dogs provide comfortable and cozy accommodations to your pup, and our staff is always on hand to ensure their needs are met and that you have perfect peace of mind while you are out of town--no matter if it's just overnight or for an extended stay.  We will make sure your dog is taken care of 24/7.


The LWPR Cattery

One of our most newly introduced services, the LWPR Cattery is the perfect boarding choice for even the most choosy of feline friends. Your cat will love our facilities--which are completely dog-free and in a space separated from their canine counterparts.  The LWPR Cattery appeals to a cat's discerning needs and will keep them comfortable and entertained.


Grooming & Spa Services

Your pet will be truly pampered at LWPR.  Our grooming & spa services offer plenty of options to those pet parents who are looking to get their pals looking and feeling their best!

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