Practicing Effective Animal Safety and Prevention

For centuries, animals have coexisted alongside humans, and many people have made pets part of their families. Dogs and cats deserve to be well cared for and respected. October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month and a great time to brush up on how to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Schedule regular check-ups and vaccinations. Don’t wait until something is wrong to take your dog or cat to the vet. They should have annual wellness checks to make sure they are in good health and identify potential problems. Make sure they are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, especially if they go to the dog park, doggie daycare, or are boarded.

Get them microchipped. This is a quick and virtually painless procedure that can enable your pet to be easily identified if they become lost. It is a tiny chip that is placed beneath the skin in their neck, and you go online and fill out a profile with all of your contact information. If someone finds your dog or cat, a veterinary office or animal control agency can scan the chip and contact you. Even if your pet stays primarily indoors, it can give you greater peace of mind.

Pet-proof your home. Put any toxic chemicals, plants, or foods out of reach, and hide cords or cables your pet could potentially chew on. Make sure your dog or cat has fresh food and water and their own toys to play with to deter them from eating things they shouldn’t. Regularly walk through your home to clear away clutter and check for hazards.

Teach children how to safely interact with animals. Whether you have a pet of your own or not, set a good example for your children and have regular discussions about how to act around dogs or cats. Ensure they know how to approach them, what it means to gently pet or play with them, warning signs that the animal wants to be left alone, and how to care for them. Never leave young children unattended around pets. Training your dog can also be helpful for teaching them desired behaviors.

Give them plenty of love and attention. Dogs and cats are social creatures and like to be around people, even if it’s only on their own terms. Spend time each day playing with your pet and giving them some one-on-one attention. If you are going to be away, whether for the weekend or the week, consider boarding them so that you know their needs are being met, they are not getting into trouble at home, and they are safely socializing and receiving mental stimulation.

Lake Wylie Pet Resort offers boarding for both dogs and cats and provides animals with a safe, comfortable space of their own to relax. Plus, dogs have time to run and play with one another in a supervised environment and can get groomed during their stay as well. Do your part to keep your pet safe and protected while at home or away. Contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort to book your pet’s next stay.