Fourth of July Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Fourth of July weekend is a major time for celebrations. People host barbeques, attend concerts, and set off fireworks. While these activities can be fun for humans, they can be incredibly stressful for pets. Some dogs become anxious in large crowds or when there is a lot of activity, especially if fireworks are involved. Know how to keep your pet safe this summer.

Secure Your Pets

Don’t assume that a fenced in yard is enough to keep your pet safe. When fireworks go off, your dog may look for any way to get out, even through the smallest of openings. If possible, keep them inside in an indoor room away from windows and doors. Turn on some music, television, or white noise to minimize the sound of fireworks and serve as a distraction. You can also try giving them a new toy or bone to keep them entertained.

If you don’t mind missing the fireworks, take a break and sit with your dog or cat to give them greater comfort during a stressful time. It can ease their anxiety a bit to be close to you and know they are safe.

Practice Water Safety

A lot of people like to celebrate on the water. Make sure your dog is wearing an approved floatation device, even if they know how to swim. They can tire quickly in deep or turbulent water if they should happen to end up overboard. Know your dog’s swimming ability before taking them out as well; not every dog is naturally a good swimmer or comfortable in the water. Secure your dog on the boat or away from the pool or consider leaving them at home.

Stick to Pet Food

Backyard parties can mean a lot of food sitting around and the potential for your dog to eat things they don’t normally have. Ask guests to please refrain from giving your pet scraps of human food, even if they know it’s safe. Stick to dog food and dog treats. Keep dishes away from the edge of the table and off the ground to avoid temptation. Remember that foods such as onions, grapes, avocado, and chocolate can be toxic to dogs.

Be Careful with Décor

Kids may have fun wearing glow jewelry or playing with glow sticks, but avoid dressing up your dog or cat with these accessories. If they chew on the glow jewelry and end up ingesting the substance inside, it may be toxic. Other décor such as citronella candles or tiki torches can be dangerous too. Even if your dog or cat doesn’t normally chew on things, they may be more likely to if they are stressed or scared.

Enjoy summer celebrations while keeping your pet safe by boarding them at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. You can have peace of mind knowing they are safe, secure, and comfortable while you are busy at get togethers. Contact us to reserve your pet’s spot today!