Why Winter Grooming is Important for Your Dog

Many people assume that because the weather is colder in winter, a longer coat is better for their dog to keep them warm, therefore they can forego winter haircuts. However, that is not necessarily true. Many dogs still benefit from winter grooming to keep their skin, fur, and paws healthy.

Caring for their Coat

A longer coat is not always better, especially if it becomes matted and tangled from loose fur or moisture from being outside. These tangles can be uncomfortable for your pet and irritate their skin. Dogs with two coats often benefit from having their undercoat thinned and trimmed during the winter so they can better regulate their temperature and stay comfortable.

Make sure you are regularly brushing your dog’s fur to keep it free from any matting and to stimulate natural oil production. This can help keep their skin and fur moisturized, and the act of brushing also assists with spreading the oil throughout their coat.


Overbathing your dog can leave their skin feeling dry and itchy, but an occasional bath helps them stay clean. Consider using a moisturizing shampoo if your dog struggles with dry skin or dandruff during the winter. Look for a formula made especially for dogs, as human shampoos are not designed for their skin.

If your dog doesn’t need a full bath, you can do some spot cleaning with pet wipes or a damp washcloth. Whether you’re washing their full body, just a few spots, or their paws, make sure their fur is dry before you take them back outside.

Paw Care

Check the bottoms of your dog’s feet to make sure there aren’t rocks, salt, or other debris that has gotten caught between their pads. Trim any overgrown hair as well. When you come inside, gently rinse their paws with warm, clean water to rinse away any salt or chemicals that may have been on the ground to clear up snow and ice.

Don’t forget to look at their nails as well. Because dogs tend to be less active and spend less time outdoors during the winter, their nails don’t grind down as quickly on their own. Winter weather can also make their nails more brittle and prone to cracking. You can use a nail trimmer at home, or take your dog to the groomer and let them clean up their nails and paws.

If the pads of your dog’s feet are dry and cracking, apply a bit of paw balm to help protect and moisturize them. You can do the same for their nose if it is drying out too.

Keep Your Dog Looking Their Best

Keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy this winter by scheduling a professional grooming appointment at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Our team can let you know how to best care for your dog’s coat during winter based on their breed and individual needs. Reserve your dog’s spot by contacting us today!