Should You Vacation with Your Dog?

After weeks of staying home, many families are looking to branch out a bit, visiting relatives or close friends, or going to a location where they know they can safely social distance. Some people have also taken to renting an RV or going camping to get away for a while. But as you travel, should you take your dog along?

There are many different things to consider when deciding whether to bring your pup along for vacation. From how you’ll get there and how far you’re traveling to where you’re staying and what you’re doing, these are all things you have to think about with your pet in mind.

Where are you staying? If you’re staying with family or friends, make sure they’re okay with you bringing your dog and having it at their home. Do they already have a dog or cat? You may need to think about not just how well your dog socializes with other animals, but how well their pets do as well.

If you’re looking at staying in a hotel or motel, call ahead of time to verify that it is pet-friendly, and see what rules or regulations are in place. Don’t just rely on what you may read online. Even if you’re camping, double-check that the campground allows dogs, and if there are restrictions on breeds, size, and whether you can leave them unattended in your trailer. Some also require that they be on a leash at all times.

How far are you traveling? You’ll need to plan periodic stops if you’re taking a long car ride so your dog can get out to stretch and go to the bathroom. Does your dog get carsick or anxious riding long distances? Is there enough room in the vehicle for everyone to have their own space and not feel cramped? Don’t forget that you’ll also need room to bring all of your pet’s supplies such as food, bowls, blankets or bedding, and toys.

What are you doing on vacation? What activities do you have planned? If you’re staying with family and just hanging out, that’s usually not a problem as your dog can hang out too. But if you have some day trips planned or know you’ll be gone for several hours visiting other people or hiking, what are you doing with your pet during this time? Decide whether it’s something you can bring them along for, if they’re okay staying on their own, or if there will be someone else to watch them.

Leaving your dog alone in your trailer or hotel room can be tricky because you don’t want them to start barking because it’s an unfamiliar place or to destroy anything because they’re bored, lonely, or anxious. Consider how much time you’ll have to spend with your pet; if you’re not going to be around much, is it worth it (or fair to them) to bring them along?

Consider boarding your pet. Not all dogs are great travelers or enjoy hiking or outdoor activities. Some pets are great with just chilling out and staying with you or alone, but others are energetic and require more activity and stimulation. Think about your pet’s personality and what your trip entails to decide if taking them along is the right choice or not. If they’re better off staying behind, opt to board them at a reputable facility like Lake Wylie Pet Resort where you know they’ll get the care and attention they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s stay!