Peanut Butter Lovers Month: Treating Your Dog

Did you know that November is Peanut Butter Lovers month? This is a holiday you and your dog can celebrate together. Most dogs love peanut butter, and peanut allergies in dogs are rare (though they can occur, so be aware). Here are a few tips for giving your dog this sticky treat.

Read the label! Before giving your dog any peanut butter, double-check that it does not contain xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is toxic to dogs. It can cause a sudden drop in their blood sugar and lead to liver damage. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog has eaten a food containing xylitol. Signs of xylitol poisoning include:

  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Unsteady walk
  • Seizures

Don’t assume that if your peanut butter is all natural or has no added sugar that it is xylitol-free. That may not be the case. Also, the fewer additives and extra ingredients, the better. If you have food processor, you can make your own peanut butter at home.

Limit the amount. Yes, peanut butter has some healthy fats and nutrients, but it is still high in calories, fat, and potentially sodium. Just like with humans, your dog should have treats in moderation. They should make up no more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily calorie intake. A general rule of thumb is less than half a tablespoon of peanut butter per day for small dogs, and less than a tablespoon per day for large dogs.

Be creative. You can reward (or distract) your dog in many different ways with peanut butter.

  • Put some inside of a Kong toy and let them go wild licking it out. Make it last a little longer by freezing the peanut butter after filling.
  • Smear it on a lick mat, plate, or the side of the bathtub while grooming your dog or trimming their nails. They’ll be busy trying to get every last drop that they’ll be less likely to resist you.
  • Hide your dog’s medication in a dollop of peanut butter so they swallow it without even knowing.
  • Let them lick a dab of peanut butter straight off of a spoon or your fingers as a quick treat.
  • Whip up some peanut butter dog treats. You can find tons of recipes online for frozen treats, baked treats, no-bake treats, and more.

Peanut butter can be a delicious treat for your dog when given in moderation. It is still important to ensure that they eat a well-balanced diet (primarily dog food) and stay active. Board your dog at Lake Wylie Pet Resort to keep them out of trouble while you’re away and give them the opportunity to run, play, and socialize with other dogs. Contact us today to reserve your dog’s spot.