Keeping Up with a High Energy Dog

Some dogs are content to sleep the day away, while others seem to have boundless energy. If your dog never stops moving and is always looking to go on a walk or play, it can be exhausting. But if you don’t fulfill their need for activity, they may become bored and start causing trouble by barking, whining, jumping up on people, or chewing on things they shouldn’t. It is important to make sure that your high-energy dog has enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day to keep it satisfied.

Physical Activity

An obvious solution to dealing with your dog’s need for movement is to take them on multiple walks or runs during the day. Change up your path so your dog has different scents to smell and areas to explore. If you work during the day, leave enough time to take them out before you go to burn off some energy, and be ready to go back out when you come home.

There are other activities you can incorporate into your week aside from just walks, however.

  • Let your dog run and play at the dog park.
  • Try an agility course where they have to maneuver over, under, around, and through different obstacles.
  • Play fetch with a ball, frisbee, or stick in your yard or a large open space.

Mental Activity

High-energy dogs thrive on mental stimulation as well. Being given a challenge can help them focus. Consider teaching your dog new skills or tricks which will work their mind and body. It’s also good to keep them learning and train them to follow commands. It can be helpful to teach your dog to sit before you take them outside, throw the ball, give them a treat, or do something else they want. Their reward for sitting and being calm is getting to do the activity.

Other mentally stimulating tasks could include:

  • Figuring out how to get the treat out of a puzzle toy.
  • Focusing on slowing down when eating their food by using an interactive feeder.
  • Hiding pieces of food around the room or under different objects and having your dog find them.

Finding Balance

It is important to give your dog enough activity so that they don’t become bored and destructive, but also to teach them that moments of calm can be rewarding as well. It can be tempting not to disturb your dog when they’re finally laying quietly, but taking a moment to pat their head or give them a gentle scratch behind the ears can reinforce positive ways to get your attention.

Consider signing your dog up for doggie daycare a few days a week to keep them entertained and burn off some energy while you’re at work. When you’re out of town, instead of leaving them home alone with just a pet sitter stopping by a few times a day to check in, board your dog so you know they’re getting the attention, physical activity, and mental stimulation they crave. Contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort to learn more about our luxury dog boarding services and book your pet’s next stay.