Gearing Up for Flea and Tick Prevention

While one of the perks of living in the South is warmer weather throughout more of the year, this also means that flea and tick season lasts all year long. Even when temperatures start to drop, these pests can still survive indoors or in warm, damp spaces. As a pet owner, you want to be proactive in protecting your pet against fleas and ticks no matter the season.

Invest in a Prevention Program

Talk to your veterinarian about what would be best for your dog (or cat) based on their breed, health, and lifestyle. Both topical and oral medications can be highly effective in helping to ward off ticks and fleas. There are also a variety of collars, dips, powders, sprays, and other products that may be used to supplement treatment. Just remember to be consistent about administering a prevention program, whichever method you may choose.

Conduct Regular Flea/Tick Checks

After spending time outdoors, take the time to thoroughly check your dog for fleas or ticks. Comb through their fur and be especially vigilant about inspecting their ears, armpits, and between their toes. Ticks like warm, moist places, and these are prime areas for them to hide out. Keeping your pet well-groomed can also make it easier to identify any critters that have attached to their skin or are lurking in their fur.

If you do find a tick, remove it immediately. One of the easiest ways is to gently grasp the tick with a pair of tweezers and remove it from the same angle it attached itself. Be careful not to squeeze too hard and detach the body from the head. If your dog has been bitten, notify your veterinarian. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, so your vet can let you know what signs and symptoms to be aware of and whether your dog needs medical care.

Maintain Your Yard

Another step you can take in protecting your pet from fleas and ticks is staying on top of yardwork. Keep your grass mowed as ticks like high grasses, and trim low-hanging trees and bushes that your dog may brush up against. It’s also a good idea to remove any clippings and brush where fleas and ticks can hide out. As mentioned earlier, they like warm, damp places, so letting debris pile up can create the perfect breeding ground.

Also, don’t let your pet spend too much time just lounging outside, especially during the spring and summer when flea and tick risk can be higher. If you have found some of these critters, you may want to keep your dog indoors for a few days until you can address the problem.

Protecting your pet is just another way of being a responsible pet parent and keeping them safe and healthy. When you can’t be home with them, trust their care to Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Whether being boarded or attending doggie daycare, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize and play outdoors as well as relax inside. Contact us today for more information!