Creating a Fun Indoor Space for Your Cat

Keeping your cat indoors is one way to maintain its safety. You never know what kinds of wildlife or danger it may encounter outside. But this lack of access to the great outdoors doesn’t have to mean that your cat is destined for a boring life. There are plenty of ways that you can keep things fun and interesting, ensuring your cat is enjoying a good quality of life.

Allow For Different Vantage Points

Many cats like to be up high where they can observe what is happening around them. Invest in a cat tree that has multiple levels and gives your furry feline options for where to lay. Trees come in varying heights and designs, or you can build one yourself. Another option is to install some wide shelves on the wall so your cat can hop up and move from one to the next. Just double check that the shelves are securely anchored and can handle your cat’s weight.

If there are certain spots that your cat likes to hang out – such as on a side table or counter – make sure you leave an area cleaned off for them, otherwise they’ll push things out of their way themselves and you could end up with a mess.

Sometimes cats like to crouch down low, too. So give them spots where they can hide, whether under a blanket, tablecloth, or box. You can cut different holes in the box so they can peek out and have multiple ways to get in and out.

Give Them a Window View

Watching animals, people, and vehicles outside can be mesmerizing for your cat. Let them be up close by creating a perch on the windowsill, putting a soft blanket on the back of the sofa, or positioning another piece of furniture under the window so they can lay down and look out. You may even hear your cat “talking” back to whatever is outside.

Let Them Scratch

If you don’t want your cat tearing up your furniture or drapes, give them an appropriate place to scratch. This could be a post or an angled scratching surface. There is even cat furniture that is multifunctional, giving your furry friend somewhere to scratch, climb, hide, and lay.

Keep Them Engaged

Provide your cat with a variety of toys and switch them out periodically so older toys seem “new” again. Mix things up with traditional toys like mice and balls, as well as interactive ones like treat puzzles, a ball on a track, or feathers on the end of a string. This can allow your cat to play on its own and with you as well, giving them plenty of stimulation. Don’t forget to include some catnip toys as well!

Even simple objects like empty paper bags (without handles), empty boxes and baskets, balls of foil, and big pom poms can provide hours of fun and they’re things you already have around the house. Just double-check any playthings to confirm they’re safe and don’t pose any threats to your cat.

Though it might not always seem like it, cats are social beings. They like being where they can see you and interacting when they choose. Let your cat continue to get the attention and stimulation they seek, along with a change of scenery, by boarding them at Lake Wylie Pet Resort while you’re away. There is a separate cattery just for felines, away from the dogs. Contact us today to reserve your cat’s spot!