At Home Grooming Tips for Your Dog

Many dogs benefit from professional grooming every few weeks to keep their fur healthy, clean, and appropriately styled. A groomer knows just the right length and way to trim your dog’s fur to keep them looking and feeling their best. But there are things you can do at home between appointments to maintain their coat and overall comfort and appearance.

Brush them regularly. Depending on the length and thickness of your dog’s fur, as well as their activity level, how often you brush them may vary. Some dogs need to be brushed every day, while others can get by with once a week. A thorough brushing can remove any tangles or matting, get rid of dirt or debris that may have become caught in their fur, and stimulate the production of healthy oils to keep their coat shiny and skin moisturized. Brushing can also feel great on their body and be something your dog enjoys.

Trim excessive hair. Your dog may not need a full body trim, but you may find that between appointments they have fur growing between their toes or the pads of their feet. If they are a shaggier breed, their hair may be starting to hang in front of their eyes. Waiting until your dog is relaxed and then carefully trimming up long hairs can tide them over until their next grooming appointment.

Check their paws, ears, and eyes. Conduct periodic checks to make sure your dog doesn’t have any debris caught between the pads of their feet, or gunk in their ears. Use a warm washcloth to gently wipe around their eyes or the outside of their ears. Inspect around their tail, groin, and armpits for signs of fleas or ticks.

Do spot cleaning. Giving your dog a bath can be quite the undertaking if they are rambunctious or not a fan of water. You may want to leave that to a professional groomer. But you can do some spot cleaning as necessary if you notice patches of dirt or if something was dripped on them. Oftentimes plain water is enough to give them a quick scrub, or you could use a dab of dog shampoo.

Help file their nails. If you have a nail trimmer you feel comfortable using, you can clip or grind down your dog’s nails at home. If not, taking them for walks on the sidewalk or concrete can naturally help file their nails down a bit until you can get to the groomer.

Keep regular appointments. Maintain a schedule for getting your dog groomed so you don’t have to worry about their fur getting out of control or developing an odor. When you pick them up from one appointment, go ahead and book the next. Lake Wylie Pet Resort can also groom your pet while they are boarded so when you pick them up, they are fresh, clean, and styled.

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