6 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaner

Having clean, healthy teeth and gums is important for your dog’s well-being. Just like humans, dogs can develop cavities and gum disease and have their teeth fall out. Plus, tooth pain can be uncomfortable and make it harder for your dog to eat and play. Taking care of your dog’s teeth should be part of their normal grooming routine.

1. Brush their teeth.

The most obvious answer for keeping your dog’s teeth clean is to brush them. However, you don’t just want to go sticking your finger or a brush in your dog’s mouth. It can take some time to get them used to this kind of interaction. If they’re not a fan of brushing, there are also dental wipes and sprays that can make things a little easier.

2. Use dental chew toys.

To help with daily cleaning, dental chew toys can be beneficial. These are toys designed to help scrape plaque and debris from your dog’s teeth as they chew. They often have small nubs or nylon points on them that are safe yet fun for your dog.

3. Give them healthy treats.

There are also treats that serve to combat bad breath and plaque buildup. You can buy specially made treats at the store, but you can also use foods you already have in your refrigerator. For example, carrots or apple slices are good for your dog’s teeth, will help remove stuck-on food, won’t stick to teeth, and are a healthy snack.

4. Offer a raw bone.

If you want to give your dog a bone to chew on, make sure it is raw and not cooked. Raw bones do not shred and splinter like cooked bones can. Gnawing on a raw bone not only keeps your dog occupied, it can strengthen their jaw muscles while scraping away plaque and any food that may be lodged in their teeth. Just pay attention and make sure they’re not breaking off large chunks that could be dangerous. Pick a bone that is an appropriate size given your dog’s size.

5. Watch their diet.

Pick a dog food that contains natural, whole ingredients that are healthy for your dog and their dental health. Dry food is less likely to become stuck to their teeth and may help reduce buildup. Follow up their meal with a dental bone or chew toy and make sure fresh water is available.

6. Visit the vet.

Even with proper measures in place, your dog’s teeth and gums may not be perfect. Schedule a trip to the vet to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned and examined. The vet can let you know about any problems they find and what you can do to better support your dog’s dental health. Plus, they’re able to safely do a more thorough cleaning than you may be able to do on your own.

Keep your dog looking and feeling their best with regular dental cleanings as well as grooming. Lake Wylie Pet Resort offers a full range of grooming and spa services to meet your dog’s needs. This can be a great add-on for when you board your dog so they’re clean and styled when you pick them up. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!