5 Perks of Owning a Cat

Spending more time at home may have you thinking about getting a pet. A lot of people have found their pets to be a wonderful sense of comfort and enjoyment, especially during these challenging times. If you’re not quite ready for the demands of a dog, adopting a cat can be a great option. Just like dogs, there are many different choices when it comes to the breed of cat you choose and its overall demeanor. Adopting from a shelter can provide even more insight into the cat’s personality.

In recognition of June being adopt-a-cat month, we’re looking at some of the benefits of cat ownership:

1. Cats are a wonderful source of companionship.

If nothing else, your new cat can become a fast friend. Give it some time to warm up to you, and your cat may soon be curled up on your lap, laying in bed with you, or always nearby. It can be nice to have a cat around to keep you company, and they’re great listeners because they don’t judge or talk back.

2. Cats are fairly self-sufficient.

Unlike dogs, you don’t have to take your cat out for walks or to go to the bathroom. You’ll have to clean the litterbox, but that’s a pretty easy task. As long as you leave some food and water, your cat can survive on its own for a few days while you’re away, and it probably doesn’t mind too much if you’re gone at work during the day. Cats are pretty independent and don’t tend to get into much trouble.

3. Cats can reduce stress.

The act of petting your cat can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It can be very calming and soothing to stroke your cat’s fur and listen to (and feel) them purr. If you’re having a rough day, your cat is there to simply listen and be by your side. A few meows, kneads of their paws, or bumps of their head can remind you that things will be okay.

4. Cats are funny.

Cats do crazy things. There is a reason people get sucked into watching funny cat videos online. Give your cat a piece of string, a ball, a moving toy, or an empty paper bag and see what they do. Try using a flashlight or laser pointer and watch them chase the light. Cats also get into some silly situations all on their own. When you need a laugh, you may need to look no further than your furry friend.

5. Cats can help keep pests away.

Cats are hunters. If there’s a stray bug or moth, you can bet your cat will probably find it. You may hear it chattering to a spider that it is stalking across the wall. This can give you a chance to find and remove the pest. Plus, mice tend to stay away if they know there is a cat nearby.

If you’re ready to welcome a forever friend into your home, a cat can be a wonderful option. They tend to live into their teens, so depending on their age and health at adoption, you’ll have a companion for years to come. Plus, if your cat is very social or you’re hesitant to leave it while you’re away, you can board it at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. You cat will have a comfortable place to stay and the attention and stimulation it desires. Contact us today to learn more about our cattery and schedule your cat’s next stay.