5 Benefits of Fostering a Pet

May is National Foster Care Month, and with everything happening with the coronavirus, many shelters need more foster homes to care for animals. Fostering gives animals a safe, temporary place to stay until they find their forever home, and it opens up space at shelters for other animals in need. While this can be an incredible opportunity for a dog or cat (or other pet), it can also have some pretty great benefits for you as the foster family as well.

1. Fostering Can Save a Life

Some animals don’t adjust well to shelter life, or may become more stressed or depressed the longer they are there. In addition, some facilities are simply too full to continue taking more animals. By agreeing to foster a dog or cat, you’re giving them a better chance to be adopted and a safe, loving environment. Your home may feel more like what they are used to, or it can help them relax because it is calmer and quieter than a shelter.

2. Fostering Can Enhance Adoptability

Bringing a dog into your home can allow you to see their true personality, how they interact with other people and animals, how well they are trained, how they respond in different situations, and what types of things they like or dislike. In turn, this can give the shelter more insight to find a strong match for adoption. Plus, you can work on some basic training and socialization skills to make them more adoptable as well.

3. Fostering Can Be a Good Test Run

If you’ve been thinking of getting a dog or cat, fostering one on a temporary basis can be a good test run. You’ll quickly find out whether you’re ready for the responsibility of owning your own pet yet or not. It will also give you the chance to meet different animals and perhaps find one that you want to adopt yourself. You can experience different breeds, ages, and personalities of dogs. A foster placement can always turn into a permanent placement if it’s a good fit.

4. Fostering Can Be a Rewarding Experience

Knowing that you’re saving an animal’s life and providing them a loving home (albeit short-term), can give you a greater sense of purpose. You’re giving back and making a difference. It can be so rewarding to see an animal be matched with their forever home, or see how much they have changed for the better while in your care. You can also encourage others to foster or adopt by sharing your experience.

5. Fostering Can Boost Your Health

Having a dog or cat around can improve your own physical and mental health. Pets can be very calming and a wonderful way to destress. They are faithful companions who are always ready to listen and shower you with affection and attention. They can also keep you active by going on walks or runs, tossing a ball, or playing with other toys.

Many animals just need time to find the right forever home, and by becoming a foster family, you’re giving them that chance. You can also keep them looking their best by scheduling a grooming appointment at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Make sure they’re bathed, styled, and ready to go for whenever their permanent placement is available. Contact us today to book a grooming appointment or learn more about boarding options.