Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

The temperature is heating up in the Carolinas, and families are spending more time outdoors with their pets. Whether you’re headed to the park, going for a hike, or enjoying an afternoon on your patio, you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your dog safe.

Check the temperature of concrete or asphalt. If it’s too hot to keep your hand flat on the ground for at least 10 seconds, it is too hot for your dog’s paws. The pads of their feet are sensitive and can burn. Try to walk on the dirt or grass instead, which can be cooler. If you’re staying outside, make sure your dog has a cool mat or blanket to lay on rather than the concrete.

Have plenty of water available. Bring a few bottles of water for your dog too, along with a bowl, so you can stop to give them a drink break. It is important to keep them hydrated, and having fresh, cool water can help. If you have a water bowl you leave outside, be sure to clean and refill it regularly. Frozen snacks can be a fun treat for them as well.

Choose a spot in the shade. Put up an umbrella or find a large tree that offers plenty of shade to escape the hot sun. Make sure there is room for your dog to lie down and relax to help prevent them from becoming overheated. If your dog appears uncomfortable or too hot, take them inside where it is air conditioned.

Don’t assume your dog can swim. Not all dogs can swim or naturally enjoy the water. The way some breeds such as bulldogs and dachshunds are built can make it difficult for them to swim. Putting a life vest on your dog, especially if you’re not sure how well they can swim or you’re going on a boat, is always a good idea. They may tire easily if they’re not used to being in the water. Stay close in case they need help.

Protect against fleas and ticks. Stay on top of giving your dog their flea and tick medication so you can feel safer about spending time with them outdoors. Keep your grass and shrubs trimmed so there are fewer places for these pests to hide. Don’t forget to give your dog’s fur a thorough check when coming inside, including their armpits, ears, and under folds of skin.

Secure trash and chemicals. Make sure your trashcans have a secure-fitting lid so your dog (or other animals) doesn’t go rooting through and get into something they shouldn’t have. The same goes for any chemicals you use to treat your lawn and garden such a fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, or plant food. These substances can be toxic to dogs, so store them in a safe, secure location. Keep your dog away if you have recently treated your lawn.

Don’t leave your dog outside alone in the summer heat. Even dog houses can become sweltering when the temperature rises. Board your dog at Lake Wylie Pet Resort where they can run around and have fun but also have a comfortable spot to relax and cool off. While they are there, you can schedule them to be groomed so their fur is just the right length and thickness for summer. Reserve your dog’s spot by contacting us today.