Show You Care: Celebrating Pet Appreciation Week

Pets play an important role in our lives. They become another member of the family; a faithful companion. Pets bring us so much joy and comfort, and they deserve to know just how much they are loved. Since 1981, the first full week of June has been celebrated as Pet Appreciation Week. Here are a few ways to show your pet you care.

Spend a little extra time together. Go for an extra loop around the block during your daily walk, or stay a little longer at the dog park letting your dog play. Get down on the floor and interact with your cat and their favorite toys, or let them curl up on your lap for another show more. Give them some extra attention, scratches, and cuddles this week.

Reward them with tasty treats. Praise their positive behavior with an extra treat or two. Consider making homemade dog biscuits or cat treats as something special. With the summer temperatures rising, frozen fruit or chicken broth cubes taste delicious and help your dog stay cool. Grow some catnip so your cat has a plant that is safe for them to munch on.

Buy a new toy. Surprise your dog or cat with a new toy and spend some time playing together. Find something that will keep them active and engaged. Cats love things that crinkle or have catnip. Dogs enjoy things they can chew or fetch. Consider taking your pet along to the store and letting them pick out their own toy.

Schedule a check-up. It might not be the most fun, but your pet’s annual checkup is important in keeping them healthy and happy. Make sure they don’t have any medical issues and any concerns you may have are addressed. Ask about anything you can do to further enhance your pet’s quality of life, especially as they get older.

Get your pet microchipped. Show how much you care by keeping your pet safer with microchipping. If they should become lost, all a shelter, veterinary office, or animal control needs to do is scan their microchip and all of your information will come up to reconnect you. (Just make sure you keep your contact info up to date!)

Pamper your pet. Book a “spa day” for your pet at the groomer. Let them get bathed, trimmed, and fluffed so their coat is healthy, shiny, and smooth. Have their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned so they’re more comfortable. Some groomers even offer pet massages and other special services to support your dog’s well-being. You can give them some extra pampering at home too with nightly brushing and petting.

Lake Wylie Pet Resort offers grooming and spa services for your pet to keep them looking and feeling their best. You can even combine these services with boarding so your pet is fresh and clean when you come to pick them up. Contact us today to make an appointment for your dog or cat, and show them how much you care.

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