Should You Get Your Dog Groomed in Winter?

Many people assume that they can take a break from regular grooming appointments over the winter because their dog needs a thicker, longer coat to stay warm. But grooming isn’t just about ridding them of thick layers of fur to keep cool. Winter comes with its own set of needs when it comes to maintaining your dog’s coat.

Coat Care

While you don’t want to shave your dog over the winter, regular trims can be good to keep their fur from becoming unruly and uncomfortable. Brush them daily to keep matting at a minimum, especially if they have longer fur. The groomer can recommend an appropriate length to help prevent tangles while still giving them the protection they need to stay warm.

Bathing is also important. Dogs can suffer from dry, itchy skin during the winter just like humans. A moisturizing shampoo and regular brushing can help stimulate oil production and keep their skin healthier. Grooming also removes irritating buildup that could increase itching.

Paw Care

Your dog’s paws are another area you want to pay close attention to over the winter. Many dogs tend to be less active in the colder weather, and layers of snow or ice can keep their nails from connecting with the concrete. During warmer weather, these hard surfaces naturally file down the nails. While your dog is being groomed, their nails can be trimmed too so they are at a safe and comfortable length.

Don’t forget to inspect your dog’s feet when you come inside. Be sure to wipe away any salt debris or rocks that may have gotten stuck between their toes or the pads of their feet. Licking can make them sick, so give their paws a good cleaning. Grooming can keep the hair between their toes at bay to prevent matting and make it harder for debris to get caught. Consider putting booties on your dog’s paws during the winter for added protection from the elements.

Ear Care

Your dog’s ears create wax year-round. They can also get dirty as your pup eats, drinks, and plays. Going from wet to dry can also lead to tangles and buildup. Gentle cleaning can reduce risk of infection and itching, improve comfort, and protect hearing.

Keep Your Grooming Appointments

In short, yes, you should continue to get your dog groomed over the winter to keep their coat, paws, and ears as healthy as possible. Keep your dog looking and feeling its best no matter the time of year. At Lake Wylie Pet Resort, you can schedule your dog to be groomed while they are boarded, so when you pick them up, they are clean and looking great! Contact us today to book your dog’s next appointment!