Protecting Your Pet with Microchipping

It only takes a split second for your pet to escape. Whether they dart out through an open door or unlocked gate, slip out of their collar or harness, or get spooked and take off running, pets become lost every single day. One way that you can be proactive in getting your dog or cat safely back home is to have them microchipped.

August 15 is National Check the Chip Day. If your pet is microchipped, take the time to review the contact information stored on their chip. Make sure that your phone number and address are correct so that if someone finds your pet and scans their chip, it is easy to get in touch with you. Outdated contact information does no good and makes it harder to reconnect you with your pet.

What is Microchipping?

A microchip is a tiny electronic device that is inserted just below the skin in your pet’s neck. It is not a GPS tracking device that will be able to locate your dog or cat if they run off, but it does store your pet’s name and identifying information, and your name and contact information. If your dog or cat is found and taken to a veterinary office, shelter, or animal control agency that has a chip reader, they can quickly get in touch with you to reunite you with your pet.

Microchipping is a fast, minimally invasive procedure. Your dog or cat may experience a quick pinch, but otherwise it is not painful, and there is no downtime. As soon as the chip is inserted, it is ready to go. But it is up to you to go online and register their microchip with your information.

Why Should You Get Your Pet Microchipped?

Even if you are very vigilant about keeping your pet on a leash when you are outside, one unexpected pull could make you lose your grip, and your dog could run off. Or, if someone else is watching your pet while you are away, they get bored and start digging under the fence outside, there is another animal that catches their attention, or something unexpected happens, they could wind up missing. It also only takes a second for someone to swipe your pup.

You want to have the right protections in place, and that means getting your pet microchipped. If you should ever lose your pet, you don’t want to only rely on their collar and tags for identification because these can easily be removed or get torn and fall off. At that point, it becomes more difficult to identify them as your own or for someone else to reconnect you with them. With a microchip, they undergo a painless scan, and your contact information pops right up.

Talk to your veterinarian about having your dog or cat microchipped, and the next time you leave home for vacation or a work trip, leave your pet in the capable hands of a trusted boarding facility like Lake Wylie Pet Resort. We take steps to ensure your pet is safe and well cared for while you are gone. Contact us today to book a stay for your dog or cat!

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