Outdoor Fun for You and Your Dog

As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your dog and keep both of you active. Just like humans should be exercising several days a week for better health, dogs should be too! All of those extra treats and snacks can add up. Here are some fun ways to stay active outdoors with your dog:

Let Your Dog Lead: Instead of going on your usual walking route, be adventurous and let your dog take the lead. Go wherever his or her nose may take you. This can be a great way to explore new trails and keep things interesting and exciting for both of you.

Pick Up the Pace: Need a little more activity than walking? Start jogging with your dog. Eventually this could lead to some longer distance running. Just remember to take regular breaks and give your dog a breather and some water, especially if they’re not used to running for any length of time.

Enjoy the Water: Find a dog-friendly pool, lake, or beach. While not all dogs are experts in the water, many can learn and have some natural water skills. Do some laps together or toss a ball and let your dog swim to get it. Swimming is easy on the joints which can be great for older dogs.

Play Fetch: Throw a ball, stick, or other toy in an open area and let your dog run free to retrieve it. You can also get ball launchers that will throw the ball and you can both go running. Make it a game to challenge your dog and see who gets there first.

Go to the Dog Park: Dog parks can allow your dog to socialize with other pets while safely in an enclosed space. There are also usually play areas, agility activities, water fountains, and waste cleanup stations. Plus, your pup can have fun chasing and playing with other dogs as well. Just make sure your dog is well trained and not aggressive toward others.

Join an Agility Group: If your dog really loves jumping, running, and being challenged, an agility group can be a great way to exercise his or her body and mind. Your dog gets to learn new skills and tackle different obstacles. You could even set up your own agility course in your yard with cones, hula hoops, and small barriers to jump over or crawl under.

Dogs need daily exercise and a way to burn off some energy and stay in shape. Find fun things that you both like to do so it’s a win-win situation. If your dog is stuck at home for long periods of time while you’re at work, signing them up for doggie daycare can be a great way to give them some socialization and interaction while also providing fun and exercise. They’ll get to play with other dogs and engage in a variety of activities instead of being cooped up at home or in a crate. Contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort today to learn more about our doggie daycare program.

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