Keeping Your Dog Stimulated While You Work from Home

Having people home all day can be exciting for your dog because they may see it as constant play time. There is always someone there to interact with. But if you’re busy trying to work from home, or your kids are engaged in remote learning, your dog can become a distraction. You can’t give them the attention that they want all the time.

Having some go-to toys and activities can help keep your dog’s mind stimulated and keep them entertained so you can work in peace for a bit. And once they’ve been busy, they’ll probably be ready for a nap. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Introduce treat puzzles.

You can buy toys specifically designed to challenge your dog, or you can make your own. Toys like Kongs are great because you can fill them with loose treats that your dog has to shake to get out, or you can add some peanut butter so they have to lick and work a little harder. You can also put small treats in a muffin tin and place tennis balls overtop so your dog has to figure out which cups have the treats, and how to get to them. You could also get creative with cardboard boxes or paper towel tubes.

  • Create a scavenger hunt.

Hide small treats or toys around one or two rooms of your house and let your dog have fun searching for them. It works their nose and keeps them excited to see where they might find another snack hiding. You could also hide a favorite toy and let them seek it out. (This works well if they recognize the toy by name, such as telling them to go find their ball or their stuffed duck.)

  • Give them chew toys.

Keep your dog busy by letting them chew. You could knot up an old t-shirt, give them a bone or stuffed animal, or get another type of chew toy and let them get to work. You could also freeze some fruit in ice cubes and let them lick and chew their way to the surprise.

  • Engage in active play.

When you have a few minutes to take a break from work, let your dog get some energy out by playing tug-of-war, tossing a ball or stick, practicing new tricks or commands, or going on a power walk. Get them moving so they’re ready to nap when it’s time for you to start working again.

  • Sign them up for doggie daycare.

If your dog could use a change of scenery – and you need some peace and quiet – send them to doggie daycare a few days a week. It gives both of you a break, they get to socialize with other dogs, and they can run and play all day, so when they come back home, they’re tired and ready to relax. It’s good for them to get out of the house and be around other people and pets.

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