Keeping Your Dog Looking (and Smelling) Good Between Grooms

Most dogs get groomed every few weeks or months depending on their breed and lifestyle. They don’t need weekly baths or trims. If your dog is fairly active or likes to be outdoors, you may find that they could use freshening up a little more often. Here are some ways to help keep your dog clean between grooming appointments.

Try Dry or Waterless Shampoo

This can be an effective way of cleaning up your dog’s paws, face, or other spots where dirt tends to accumulate after a day of playing. Or, you can use it on their whole body for a quick refresh. It works quickly and doesn’t require you to wrangle your dog into the bathtub and hose them down. Just rub it in and let it work its magic. There are also pre-moistened wipes made especially for dogs that you can use between baths for spot cleaning.

Brush Them Regularly

A thorough brushing can keep mats from forming and rid your dog’s coat of any loose fur, dry skin, dirt, or debris. It also stimulates and distributes natural oils from their skin to keep their fur healthy and shiny. You can also carefully trim any stray tufts of fur that pop up between their toes.

Wash Their Bedding

Your dog probably spends a lot of time laying on their dog bed, pillow, or favorite blanket. These surfaces retain dirt and odors. Just like you regularly wash your sheets and clothes, make sure you do the same for your dog. If they like to lay on the couch, considering covering it with a sheet or blanket that you can easily throw in the laundry to freshen up. You can also throw their collar or leash in as well, or spot clean it with some detergent or fabric freshener.

Dry Them Off

Wet fur can quickly leave an undesirable odor and be a magnet for dirt. Keep a towel near the door so you can dry off your dog’s paws (or body) after being outside. Wisk away as much moisture as you can so their fur dries more quickly. It will also keep them from leaving damp paw prints on your carpet or furniture which can leave lingering odors.

Schedule Regular Grooming Appointments

Keep your dog looking and smelling their best by ensuring they are bathed and groomed on a consistent schedule. This will keep their fur from getting out of control and make sure it fits with the season. If they do get themselves into a mess which requires more than just a quick touchup at home, it can be beneficial to let the professionals handle it and save yourself the stress and hassle.

Contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort to book your pet’s next grooming appointment, and don’t forget that you can also schedule it to be done while they are being boarded. When you pick up your dog, they’ll be fresh and clean!