How Owning a Dog Can Be Good for Your Body and Mind

Owning a dog is a lot of responsibility and hard work, but it can also come with a lot of rewards. Dogs become another member of the family and beloved companions. Many dogs can have a lifespan of more than 10 years, so they’re around for life’s ups and downs. Having a furry friend come bounding toward you, excited just because you’re home, can be a welcome greeting after a long day of work.

Being a dog owner offers a host of health benefits for your body and mind. You can get just as much (or more) out of the relationship than your pet does. If you’re ready to take on the commitment, here are just a few ways owning a dog could boost your well-being:

Less Stress

Just the act of petting a dog, going through that repetitive motion, and feeling their warmth and soft fur under your hand can be incredibly calming. It can help lower your blood pressure – which is good for your heart! – and leave you feeling more relaxed. The tension in your muscles slowly melts away.

Since dogs don’t talk, you’ll always have a trustworthy companion to keep all of your secrets and listen to your stories. Sometimes just talking through your problems aloud can make them seem less challenging. Whether you’re excited, scared, nervous, sad, or angry, your dog will quietly listen without judging.

Better Mental Health

In addition to having a nonjudgmental sounding board, dogs can enhance mental health in other ways too. For instance, knowing that you have to get up to feed and walk your dog can give you a greater sense of purpose. They are relying on you to take care of them, and you are accountable to someone. This can help combat feelings of depression and give you something to look forward to.

Having a dog around can also fight feelings of loneliness. You have another living, breathing being by your side to keep you company, whether you’re sitting at home or out walking in the neighborhood. Dogs can be a wonderful starting point for socializing too, which is good for your mental well-being. People love to talk about dogs, watch the silly things they do, and simply admire their beauty, friendliness, and personality. Before you know it, you could be starting up a conversation with a neighbor you previously didn’t really know.

More Physical Activity

Dogs encourage you to be more physically active. They need to go on walks, which means you’re going along too. Playing fetch in the backyard can mean running, throwing, and moving more than you would sitting at your desk. Seeing how excited your dog gets when you pick up a ball, grab their leash, or simply ask if they want to go outside can be motivation for you to get out and get moving.

Let’s face it – dogs add something special to your life and can make you feel happier. They can quickly become an integral part of your family. When you have to be away from your dog, make sure they’re in good hands and receiving the care and attention they deserve by boarding them at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. While they’re there, they can even get pampered with a bath and grooming! Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next stay.

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