Dogs are made to run, jump, play, spend time with other animals, and be loved on and cuddled with. All of that is hard for you to provide them when you’re at work all day, but Lake Wylie Pet Resort is pleased to offer a full doggie daycare service. Your furry friend can spend the entire day with us enjoying a great time in our large, clean, safe facility—all while receiving plenty of special attention from our trained staff.

The options available for your dog are limitless. We alternate our playgroups between inside and outside play. We offer a full array of playground equipment, kiddie pools, and constant care and attention. Naptimes and snack breaks are also available, upon the owner’s request.

Our goal is to provide your dog with a full day of fun and frolicking—so much so that by the time you get your pet home, he or she will be worn out, satisfied, and ready for a low-key evening of rest and cuddles! In other words, you can truly enjoy a relaxing and quiet evening with your pet after your own tiring day at work!

We want to make sure that the dogs who come to play with us have a fun and safe experience, which means that we take great care in assigning your dog to a specific playgroup. Playgroups are chosen on the basis of your dog’s size and personality, so you don’t have to worry about your sweet little pooch being knocked around by a much bigger dog! We also carefully monitor all play sessions to ensure that there is never too much aggression, that your dog does not become too exhausted, and that time-outs are given for inappropriate behavior. Behavioral logs are kept, and employees are all trained extensively on how to make safety a top priority.

All of this adds up to one truly fun day for your furry friend—and a day in which you can rest assured that your dog is receiving the most personal and protective care possible! To book your doggie’s day or week with us, contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort today!

  • We do not offer daycare on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, or Columbus Day.