Do Cats Need to Be Boarded?

Cats are fairly self-sufficient creatures. They are pretty low maintenance for the most part and are fine being home for several hours a day by themselves. Even if you go out of town overnight, they should still be okay until the next day as long as you leave food, water, and a clean litter box. But if you are going to be away for multiple days, it may be safer to board your cat than to risk leaving them alone.

Cats are social animals, even if they don’t always seem to be. Your cat may like to hide away on its own sometimes, but in general, they do like people and knowing that their family is there. Most cats will come out to play, snuggle, or just be around while you are home. It can be stressful if you leave them alone without any human interaction, or a stranger dropping by.

If you hire a cat sitter, there is no guarantee that your cat will make an appearance while they are there, especially if it is an unfamiliar person. Your cat sitter may have to hunt down your cat to make sure it is okay, whereas at a boarding facility, your cat is readily visible. Left alone, your cat may get into something it shouldn’t, or get stuck in a room without food and water if a door accidentally closes behind it. No getting lost, stuck, or causing general mischief when boarded.

Leaving food out can be risky. If you are going to be gone for several days and leave a big bowl of food out, it can be an invitation for your cat to overindulge. They may eat more than normal because they are stressed and the food is there, or not eat much at all. With wet cat food, someone needs to come over at least twice a day to feed your cat and clean up. If you leave wet food sitting out too long, it can attract bugs and begin to smell.

At a boarding facility, your cat will have access to clean water and fresh food throughout the day, and the staff can keep an eye on how much they are eating – and make sure they are eating and not ill or injured.

Pet sitters can be unpredictable. Unless it is someone you know well who is used to caring for your cat, you never know what you might get. It can be a burden for someone to have to stop what they are doing to come check on your cat a few times a day, give it food and water, clean the litter box, and possibly track down your cat to make sure it is safe. When your cat is boarded, you know that they are in a safe location, their daily needs will be met, and they’ll have some human interaction. The purpose of the facility is to take care of your cat, so they are well-versed in caring for different breeds and creating a comfortable environment.

Have peace of mind knowing your cat is in good hands while you are away by boarding it at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Our cattery offers a clean, tranquil space for your cat to relax and play. Contact us today to schedule your cat’s stay!