Considerations Before Gifting a Pet This Holiday Season

Who can’t help but light up when they see a heart-warming video of a child receiving a puppy or kitten for Christmas? The excitement is contagious. It’s no wonder so many people choose to adopt over the holidays and add a furry friend to the family. But owning a dog or cat comes with a lot of responsibility, so before you decide to gift a family member or friend a pet this holiday season, here are a few things to consider:

Have they expressed interest in owning a pet?

They may love dogs, but do they really want one of their own? Consider why they don’t yet own one – is it for financial reasons? Lack of space? Too much travel for work? Just because they want a dog, they may know that realistically it isn’t a good idea just yet.

If they have shown interest and have the time and means to care for a pet, start thinking about what type of animal might work best. Would they do better with a small dog or a large one? A puppy or senior pet? Something that is very active or more laid back? Do your research.

Is now a good time?

You may be eager to surprise them with a cuddly puppy under the tree, but are the holidays the best time to add to the family? If you know they’ll be traveling a lot, are getting ready to move, or are making other big life changes, you may want to give them an IOU. Let them know that you want to pay the adoption fee and get them the pet, but you’ll do it at a time that fits with their schedule and lifestyle. There is no rush.

Let them pick.

Rather than choosing a cat or dog you think they may like, why not wrap up a stuffed animal, some toys, treats, or a collar and leash and let them know your intentions, but then let them be involved in the selection process? You can still surprise them with the thought, but then they can pick the animal that they truly want and have time to look around and consider their options.

Not all gifted pets are returned after the holidays, though there are some who are, which is unfortunate for everyone involved. According to the ASPCA, 86% of pets received as gifts remain in the home, which means they can be a great present for those who are truly ready to be pet owners. Weigh your options and choose carefully before deciding to give a pet to someone this year.

If you are giving someone a dog, why not throw in a day at the groomers too so their new pet is freshly washed and styled for their new home? In addition to boarding, Lake Wylie Pet Resort also offers a wide range of grooming and spa services for pets! Contact us today to make an appointment.