Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet

The holiday season has arrived, and families are getting into the spirit. While things may look a little different this year when it comes to gatherings and festivities, you can still have a great time celebrating. Since many families are keeping things small this year, that is even more reason to include your pet in the fun.

Add your pet to the family photo. Whether you’re setting up the camera on a timer to take a group shot, having the neighbor do it, or working with a professional photographer, don’t forget your furry friends. You can add a holiday-themed leash if your dog won’t sit still or has a tendency to wander off. Doing pictures in the comfort of your own home can also mean your cat can join in too. Include all of the members of your immediate family this year!

Get a festive collar. You can spruce up your dog’s appearance with a holiday collar or bandana. Choose from Christmas lights, menorahs, snowflakes, Buffalo plaid, candy canes, dreidels, or anything else that catches your eye. Just don’t forget to transfer your dog’s tags to their new collar, even if they’re just wearing it for a few weeks.

Bake homemade treats. There are tons of recipes online for pet-friendly cookies and treats. Give your dog or cat something special for the holidays that they don’t always get. This can also help to curb them temptation to share scraps from the table because you can give them something of their own.

Make an ornament for the tree. Get a kit to make a paw-print ornament for your tree, or make one out of homemade salt dough. (Just don’t let your dog eat the dough or finished ornament.) You can also buy an ornament with their name, picture, or likeness on it so they are represented in the decorations too.

Buy a few gifts. While everyone else exchanges presents, you can surprise your pet with a new toy or bone, their favorite treats, a snuggly blanket, or something else you know they would enjoy.

Pamper them. Keep your dog looking and feeling its best with a “spa day” at the groomer. They can get bathed, trimmed, and styled for the holidays. A thorough brushing and washing can feel good and keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Keep them safe and comfortable. If you are going out of town, having people over, or just know that Christmas day will be chaotic, this can be a lot for your dog or cat to handle. Make sure they stay safe and are well cared for by boarding them at a reputable facility like Lake Wylie Pet Resort. They can enjoy a quiet, comfortable vacation of their own with plenty of personal attention.

To learn more about boarding and grooming options, contact us today. Schedule your pet’s stay before the holiday spots are all booked up!

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