5 Tips to Prevent Lost Pets

Many people consider their dog to be a part of the family. Losing them can feel like losing a loved one. Unfortunately, pets wander off every single day, whether they get spooked and run, are chasing another animal, or slip out of an open door or under a fence. There are several ways you can help prevent your pet from becoming lost and make it easier to be reunited if they are.

1. Make sure they are wearing a collar with ID tags.

A collar is a simple way to attach identification tags to your dog. Their collar should close securely and fit comfortably without too much slack. Put your dog’s name and a contact phone number on their tag so if they should become lost, whoever finds them can contact you. There are also ID tags that slide onto the collar rather than dangling off.

2. Get them microchipped.

Microchipping adds an extra layer of protection because the chip is inserted just under the skin. Collars can get snagged on objects and break or be cut off, but microchips remain securely in place. Often veterinary offices, shelters, and animal control agencies can scan for chips. Make sure once your dog is chipped that you go online and register so that all of your contact information is connected to their microchip. Don’t forget to update if you move or change phone numbers.

3. Teach basic commands.

A little bit of training can go a long way. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and come can help you keep better control of them. If they start to run off, there is a greater chance that you will be able to stop them or get them to come back. Even if your dog is trained, it is a good idea to keep them on a leash whenever you are outside. Choose a leash that gives you the best control of your dog in each situation, whether that is a retractable or non-retractable leash.

4. Check your fence.

Dogs are smart. They can find the smallest weakness in your fence and find a way to climb under, through, or over. Double-check that the gate is closed and securely locked every single time, and don’t leave your dog outside unattended. The longer they are outside alone, the greater chance they can get into trouble or wander off.

5. Be smart indoors.

Pay attention to your surroundings when inside as well. Close doors to the outside behind you so your dog does not slip out. If you are having guests over, put your dog in another room away from the door or in their crate until things settle down. The same applies if there are fireworks or loud noises that may spook your dog and cause them to run.

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