5 Summer Grooming Tips for Your Dog

With summer temperatures soaring, everyone is looking for ways to keep cool – including your pets! But while you may think your dog is sweating under that thick coat of fur, that may not necessarily be the case. Your dog’s fur acts as an insulator to keep them warm in the winter, but it can also help keep them cooler in the summer.

Be Cautious About Shaving

It can be tempting to shave your dog thinking you are cooling them down, but that is not always true. When your dog’s fur is too short, they may be at risk for sunburn and becoming overheated. Their longer coat can actually allow air to circulate across their skin and protect them from some of the sun’s rays.

You want to be particularly careful if your dog has a double coat. Talk to your groomer about the best type of trim. You may just want to thin out some of their fur rather than shave it off. Dogs with a single coat can benefit from going a little shorter in the summer and having a regular trim.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Rather than shaving your dog’s coat, give them a thorough brush each day or every other day. This will help to prevent matting and tangling that can trap heat and moisture against their skin. A smooth, tangle-free coat can allow air to move easily through their fur and help keep them cool. Find a brush that is right for your dog’s type of fur.

Make sure you brush your dog after coming in from outside or swimming. This can remove any debris that may have gotten caught in their fur while also allowing you to check for fleas, ticks, or other critters.

Bathe Your Dog Sparingly

Unlike humans, dogs do not need a bath every day or every week. They are good at self-cleaning. If you are going to bathe them yourself, once every month or two is often sufficient. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip healthy oils from their skin, and avoid getting water in their ears. You can rinse your dog with a cool hose or shower after getting out of the pool or lake.

Check Their Paws

Cement or asphalt can get hot very quickly and burn the pads of your dog’s feet. Try to keep them on the grass or cooler surfaces when possible. If your dog tolerates it, you can put booties on their feet for protection if you know you’ll be on hot or rough surfaces. Check your dog’s paws when you get inside for signs of cracking or dryness. Paw wax can be applied to help protect and heal them. Also look for overgrown hair between the pads of their feet and toes that can be trimmed, as well as any debris that may have gotten caught.

Clean Their Ears

After your dog has been playing in the water to cool off, be sure to dry their ears. You can gently wipe the folds and outer part of their ear with a cotton ball. If your dog has trouble with ear infections, an ear cleaner can be used to keep their ears dry and kill harmful bacteria.

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