5 Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing with the New Year quickly approaching, which means many people have decked out their homes with holiday décor. You may be planning get-togethers with family, friends, or coworkers at your home too. Everyone is in the holiday spirit. However, if you have a dog or cat, all of the decorations and activity can be potentially dangerous if you haven’t planned ahead.

 Here are afew ways to keep your pet safer this holiday season so you can hopefully avoid a trip to the emergency vet!

  1. Protect your Christmas tree. Trees pose a few dangers to pets. For one, they can knock them over and get injured or damage your home. Consider using clear fishing line or a thin rope to carefully affix your tree to the wall, ceiling, or another study fixture. Also, set up a barrier around the base of the tree to keep your pet from drinking the water. Not only are dry trees more flammable, the water may contain bacteria or fertilizers that can make your dog or cat sick.
  2. Decorate strategically. While tinsel looks shiny and pretty,it is attractive not only to children, but pets as well. Cats love to bat it around. However, if your pet ingests tinsel, it can obstruct their digestive tract which can be very dangerous. Try to keep breakable and small ornaments away from the bottom of the tree so your pet doesn’t accidentally knock them off and break them, or eat them. The same goes for any decorations made of salt dough, cinnamon, dried apples, candy canes, or other foods.
  3. Secure cords. They can be a tripping hazard for people and animals alike. If your pet gets tangled up in a cord, they may pull down your tree or other decorations. Keep cats away from chewing on cords or strands of lights as well to avoid electric shock or fire.
  4. Keep food out of reach. When the table is laid out with holiday goodies, it can be tempting for your pet to help themselves, especially if food is left close to the edge of a counter or table, or plates are sitting around. However, not all foods are safe for dogs, especially chocolate, fatty meats,raisins, and other sweets. Remind guests to please not give your dog any table food, and instead give your pet a snack of their own that is safe.
  5. Have a safe space for your pet. With lots of guests coming and going, you don’t want your pet to accidentally sneak out the door. Consider keeping them in their crate or a separate room during times when lots of people are arriving or leaving. Make sure they also have a quiet space to retreat to away from everyone in case the activity becomes overwhelming or they become too rambunctious around guests.

Make the holidays a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, pets included. If you’re heading out of town, make plans to board your dog or cat at a reputable facility like Lake Wylie Pet Resort. You can also sign your dog up for doggie daycare to keep them out of trouble while you’re gone during the day, and to let them burn off some of their energy playing with other dogs.This can give you peace of mind that they’re not at home destroying the Christmas tree or getting into things they shouldn’t. Contact Lake Wylie Pet Resort today to make your pet’s reservation.