4 Reasons to Board Your Cat During Your Next Trip

One of the benefits of owning a cat is that they tend to be fairly independent. They don’t need to be walked or let outside to go to the bathroom. They do well with a feeder and a litter box. Many of them enjoy sleeping the day away, watching for critters out the window, and playing with some catnip toys. So it doesn’t seem that far-fetched to leave your cat home for a few days while you’re away. They’ll be fine, right?

It’s quite possible that they’ll be okay while you’re gone, especially if you have someone stopping by to check in on them, but what if they’re not? What do you do then? It can give you peace of mind and make more sense to board your cat when you’re away.

1. You know they’re safe.

When you’re not home for a few days and your cat gets bored and lonely, who’s to say it won’t get into something it shouldn’t? You don’t want it to start chewing on wires, eating your plants, or accidentally bumping a door closed and getting stuck in a room by themselves without their food, water, or litterbox. What if the power goes out and there is no heat or air conditioning?

By boarding them, you know they will be safe and stay out of trouble. If an emergency arises, there will be someone there to address it immediately.

2. They have clean facilities.

Your cat likely isn’t a fan of a dirty litterbox, and their food and water dishes can get grungy after a while. When you board them, you know their space will be kept clean and fresh. They’ll be tended to daily to make sure they’re comfortable.

3. They can socialize.

Your cat may act like it hates most people, but many cats do enjoy some human interaction. Spending days alone isn’t good for them, especially if they love to cuddle and play. At a boarding facility, they’ll get the love, attention, and playtime they need each day. Even if it’s just some scratches behind the ears, they’ll know that someone is there for them.

4. There’s a watchful eye monitoring them.

You may have someone popping in for a few minutes once or twice a day to check on your cat if you leave them at home, but what about all that time when no one is there? By boarding them, you know that staff is always keeping an eye on their well-being around the clock. If anything seems off or your cat needs medical attention, they can let you know immediately.

It may seem silly at first to board your fiercely independent cat, but when you think of the benefits and the peace of mind you’ll get knowing they’re safe with someone watching over them all the time, it’s a no-brainer. Let your cat relax and socialize too while you’re away by boarding them at Lake Wylie Pet Resort. Our luxury cattery is just the place for them. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your cat’s stay!

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