3 Tips for Enticing Your Cat with Catnip

Catnip can be a wonderful natural treat to reward and entertain your cat. This aromatic herb is inexpensive, safe, and non-toxic and can be used fresh, dried, or as a spray. While around one-third of cats have little to no response to catnip, many others are quickly stimulated by the scent. Just one whiff can have your furry feline rubbing their face and rolling around enjoying the euphoric effects.

There are several ways that you can incorporate catnip into your home depending on what you want to accomplish with it:

1. Add it to toys.

You can buy toys with catnip already in them, or you can make your own. Put a large pinch of the dried herb in an old sock and knot the end shut, or put some in the toe of an old stocking and sew it into a small pouch of fabric. Give it a shake and your cat will go wild batting it around and rolling on top of it. Your cat may get a sudden burst of energy, but have no fear – it will subside within about 15 to 20 minutes.

Playing with catnip toys can be a great way to stimulate your cat’s senses and let them burn off some energy. It’s also a wonderful reward to treat them with from time to time. Just avoid overusing catnip or your cat can lose interest.

2. Sprinkle some on a scratch post or cat bed.

Is your cat sharpening its claws on your furniture or in other unwanted spots? Rub a bit of catnip onto a scratch post to entice them to that area instead. You can also do the same to get them interested in a new bed or lure them into a crate. Catnip can be calming to some cats, so they may feel more comfortable being confined or transported if their carrier has the scent of catnip in it.

You can also use catnip to help your cat learn to socialize. If they are shy, a little bit of the dried herb in your hand or on the carpet can draw them closer to you. Eventually they’ll start to adjust and create positive associations.

3. Grow your own catnip.

Having a small pot of catnip sitting out can give your cat a safe plant that it is allowed to chew on (and is attracted to) rather than your other house plants that you’re trying to keep it away from. They can’t overdose on catnip, and they know how to moderate themselves so they’ll walk away when they’ve had enough. Plus, you’ll always have some of this herb on hand when you want it for other things such as making scented toys or just playing with your cat.

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